Ozlite LED


Ultimate quality one piece heavy duty seamless housing of 3mm aluminium.  Vandal resistant version available in 6mm with additional polycarbonate  deflector shield over lens. 5 stage powder coat finish with high  reflectance white lining.

Optional electronic PE Cell in threaded  sealed weatherproof enclosure.

Stainless steel toggle latches and ¼ turn fasteners around the silicone labyrinth seal, provide a secure watertight  interface, with easy service access

High output plug-in LED light source  module with lens sealed to IP66 by an endless silicone gasket.

Exicato® LED module, IP66 rated. 

LexaLite® refractor optical lens system of PMMA with integral diffuser.


Streetworx Ozlite LED provides the solution to the historical nature of failures of similar decorative lanterns. The entire Ozlite LED body is made from a single piece of 3mm thickness spun aluminium, providing a full seamless construction of the outer shell.  The body will not rust, rivets and screws are non corrosive, nothing to fall apart and create water penetration issues or falling hazards from joint failure between components. Applications include street lighting, parks, walkways, car parks, public areas, and housing estates.  The Ozlite LED provides exceptional performance in beach front esplanades and marinas where previously the salty environment has created considerable issues with luminaires of different construction. Vandal prone areas can utilise the vandal resistant version of the Ozlite LED, with the aluminium body material  thickness being increased from 3mm to 6mm, and the lens being protected by a 4.5mm thickness polycarbonate  deflector shield. The Ozlite LED is Australian made, with its modular design and superior component selection offering considerable operation and maintenance savings over the extended life of the installation. 

The Energy Efficient Range

Ozlite LED

The energy efficient standard Ozlite LED enables the designer to create a stylish and pleasing environment to any park, walkway, shopping mall, car park, mariner,  beach front esplanade, or housing estate.  Available as a top entry or side entry luminaire.  Side  entry pictured.


Ozlite LED Alpha

The Alpha model of the Ozlite LED provides all of the structural and performance benefits  of the standard Ozlite LED, but with the  inclusion of additional styling features to  enhance the aesthetics of the installation. Available as a top entry or side entry luminaire. Top entry pictured.

Vandal Resistant Ozlite LED

The vandal resistant Ozlite LED offers the same functional specification, but with an increased body     thickness of 6mm aluminium and the inclusion of a specially designed 4.5mm thickness polycarbonate deflector shield protecting the lens. Available as a top entry or side entry luminaire.  Top entry pictured.